...The samples of originals of wooden handcarved marionettes ...

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Lenka offers marionettes and glove puppets which she has skilfully hand-carved from linden wood. They are then preserved in bees wax before she hand paints them herself in transparent oil paint which keeps the character of the wood. Due to this process they can last many generations. Their costumes are created from natural materials such as silk, leather, velvet, cotton and individually hand finished to suit. The marionettes are given an individual style, which could be either a modern day, period costume or fantasy. The puppets are controlled by a rocker in the traditional style which is used widely in professional theatres.

Lenka’s work can be found in theatres, galleries, private collections and has many uses, such as for education, to entertain the family, to tell stories or as a memento of the beautiful city of Prague. The Czech Republic has a very long and proud tradition in the making of and performing with marionettes. And Lenka carries on this very proud tradition and her work can be found in every continent of the world.

Lord of darkness


This imposing marionette represents the Lord of Darkness. His dark clothing is made from soft leather and velvet.